Court Orders, 22 December 2011

Filed & Entered: 12/22/2011
Hearing (Other)
Docket Text: ELECTRONIC Clerk’s Notes for proceedings held before Judge William G. Young: Hearing held on 12/22/2011. After addressing counsel and hearing from counsel, the Court Orders the following: Boston College is to deliver all remaining 192 transcripts of IRA interviewees to the Court for in camera review by Noon, Tuesday, December 27, 2011. Copies are acceptable to the Court. The Court reminded Boston College of its responsibility to identify specific interviews that the Burns Library and Boston College have determined to be germane, per the hearing on Dec. 20, 2011 and accompanying clerk’s notes. Atty McNeil agreed that the government would provide Boston College with copies for its historical archive of any materials that the Court turns over after in camera review. (Court Reporter: Donald Womack at present: AUSA McNeil, Movant counsel Jeffrey Swope and Nora Field) (Gaudet, Jennifer)