Chris Bray’s Commentary

Dr. Chris Bray is a historian, journalist, and also a former United States Army soldier. His particular study of the Boston College case stems from his interest in the protection of research and the right of free inquiry. His commentary on the Boston College subpoenas is collected here.


Notes from a Balinese Cockfight, Officer

Moral Decency Requires That I Betray You



Misfeasance, Rounding the Corner Toward Malfeasance

DOJ on Boston College: Academic Freedom a Legally Meaningless “Quasi-Privilege”

Boston College (Cont.): AUSA Todd Braunstein, the Infamous Irish Politician

Boston College (Cont.): Fixing a Broken Frame

Boston College (Cont.): Fishing Harder

Boston College (Cont.): Taking Aim at the DOJ

Boston College (Cont.): Where the Fourth Amendment Goes to Die

Boston College (Cont.): Pushing Holder

Boston College (Cont.): The Inextinguishable Rule of Law

“The Logical (and Unconstitutional) Conclusion of the Government’s Assertions”

Boston College: Time for Resignations

Boston College: Disaster by Design or, The Family Doesn’t Shelter Orphans


Reckless Negligence: Expanding the Case Against Boston College

The Unalloyed Right of Government Officials to Breathtaking Stupidity and Obvious Negligence

And Starring Jack Dunn as Tweedle Dee

Boston College Saga Shows How the State Has Failed

Nom nom nom

Scarce Solutions

A Passive Receptacle

Obvious Lying Tends to be a Bad Public Relations Tactic

Boston College: Someone Learned to Read

Too Bad You’re Missing It

The Heights of Credulity

Imagine a Rope, and Perceive It Around Your Wrists

Proof by Denial

One of These Days, Alice

A Most Unweclome Development

Boston College Burns the Seed Corn

Called to Account

Wide Awake in America

The Short Show: Interview with Chris Bray and Carrie Twomey

Gov’t to Judge: This is Gonna Be a Little Harder Than We Thought

Howlers (Part One)

Howlers (Part Two)

Howlers (Final)

Chris Bray: An Aside

The People Who Ratified the US-UK MLAT Think the DOJ Is Wrong About What the Treaty Means

Boston College Faculty Call for an Investigation

Hot Pursuit

Thoroughly Reframed: The First Circuit Cuts Through the Haze

Cause and Effect – How About September?

Mosquito Won’t Stop Buzzing in Court’s Ear

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Close Enough for Government Work

Guessing Games

BC Files Appellate Brief in Belfast Project Case

Incompetence or Indifference: Gov’t Punts on BC Appeal

The Kevin Na of Government Lawyers

Boston College Subpoenas Challenged in Belfast Courts

The Machine Just Keeps on Running

The Dolours Price Tapes: The Least Secret Secret in the History of Secrets

I wonder what’s under: Chris Bray reviews Palys & Lowman ‘Lessons From the Boston College Subpoenas’


Belfast Project: Boston Prosecuting Irish Politics

Boston College Wins Victory For Recovering Ground Given Up

Value of Boston College tapes diminished by anonymous voices


EMAIL: Embarrassed for Jack Dunn… Yet Again

Do Institutions Learn?

Adams in Washington DC: Blackout

Adams in DC: Confirmed, and Still Ignored

The PSNI Arrives on Tuesday for a Monday Lunch

Urgent Murder Investigation, Cont.

PSNI Theatre of Shadows

O’Malley Confirmation Hearing: Astoundingly Obtuse U.S. Policy Vision

The Urgent Search for Justice in a 1972 Murder, Cont.

A Parody of a Satire of a Farce

Say Anything: The DOJ Comes Clean on Retribution