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Excerpt from Irish Prime Minister Makes the Rounds In Boston, by Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe, 17 Feb., 2012

Kenny declined to be drawn into the controversy involving the demand by police in Northern Ireland for the taped interviews of former members of the Irish Republican Army that were gathered as part of an oral history project at Boston College. He said it would be inappropriate for him to comment on the case while it was still before the US District Court and the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.

While they get along in general, Kenny and his British counterpart, Prime Minister David Cameron, have differed on the approach taken to investigating the 1989 murder of Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane, one of several lingering cases of the Troubles in Northern Ireland that are in various stages of inquiry.

Kenny said he has not spoken to Cameron about the Boston College tapes or the impact disclosure of those tapes might have on the peace process that was nurtured by the Irish and British governments with active American government assistance.