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Key articles that give the reader the most comprehensive overview of the issue are collected here.
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Secret Archive of Ulster Troubles Faces Subpoena
Jim Dwyer, New York Times

Boston College urged to remain silent
Gerry Moriarty, Irish Times

May 25, 2011: Boston College’s IRA archives get subpoenaed (Video)
Emily Rooney interviews Jack Dunn and Thomas Hachey of Boston College, along with Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe, for WGBH’s Greater Boston program

This Case Merits Close Inspection
Catherine Shannon, Boston Irish Reporter

Boston College seeks to quash British subpoenas seeking IRA oral histories
Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe

The Whole Story Behind the Boston College Subpoenas
Chris Bray, Chronicle of Higher Education

Oral History, Unprotected
Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Education

Boston College probe a threat to oral history research
Chris Bray, Irish Echo

Troubling Request
Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe

Fishing for Troubles in BC’s Archives
Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre, Boston Globe

US prosecutors subpoena college for IRA interviews
Kevin Cullen, Irish Times

Boston College tapes request ‘politically motivated’
Jennifer O’Leary, BBC News

Journalists seek to intervene in IRA oral history case
Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe

Taking Aim at the DOJ
Chris Bray, Cliopatria

Fighting for Confidentiality
Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed

Justice Department Does the Dirty Work
Sandy Boyer, Socialist Worker

A Chilling Effect on Oral History in this Country
Interview with Ed Moloney, The Wild Geese

Sec. Clinton asked to intervene on subpoena for oral histories of IRA members
Daniel Strauss, The Hill

Irish Radio Network, USA: Audio interview with Advocacy Groups Fighting Subpoena
Irish Radio Network

Irish Radio Network, USA: Audio interview with Belfast Project Director Ed Moloney
Irish Radio Network

Why is President Obama trying to damage the Irish peace process?
Niall O’Dowd,

Holder In Hot Water With Irish American Organizations

The Troubling Secret History of the Troubles
Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

Boston College: Time for Resignations
Chris Bray

Audio: WBUR Radio Boston interview Ed Moloney and Jack Dunn
WBUR Radio Boston

Transcript: RTE Radio One ‘This Week’ – Fran McNulty Interviews Anthony McIntyre
RTE Radio One – Fran McNulty, This Week

Wall Street Journal: IRA History Project Snags U.S. School
Devlin Barrett, Wall Street Journal

Boston College Saga Shows How the State Has Failed
Chris Bray, Irish Times