News Letter Special on BOSTON TAPES: Timeline of the project

News Letter Special on BOSTON TAPES: Timeline of the project
Ben Lowry
News Letter

2001-2006: Interviews begin of 26 ex IRA members and 14 ex UVF members.

2010: Upon death of IRA and UVF men Brendan Hughes and David Irvine, Ed Moloney publishes Voices from the Grave, based on their interviews.

February 2010: Dolours Price reveals that she had participated in project, and claims that she and Gerry Adams were connected to Jean McConville abduction. McConville relatives reportedly approach PSNI to get information on the murder.

May 2011: Boston College is issued a subpoena by the US Department of Justice on behalf of PSNI requesting the Price and Hughes interviews. Moloney suggests Boston College destroy the tapes

August 2011: Boston College receives second set of subpoenas requesting all remaining IRA interviews regarding McConville case. Citing protection of academic research and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, College lawyers try to quash the subpoenas

December 2011: US District Court Judge William Young concludes that Price interview directly relevant to McConville probe and orders it be given to Justice dept. Boston College conclude they have no grounds to resist first subpoena

January 2012: Judge Young orders on second subpoena that 85 interviews with seven IRA people be turned over because relevant to the McConville

July 2012: Moloney and McIntyre’s appeal rejected by the US Court of Appeals in Boston. Bid to get before Supreme Court rejected

January 2013: Price found dead in her Malahide home

May 2013: US First Circuit Court of Appeals rules on College’s appeal of the second subpoena. Cuts the order to the release of 11 segments of 85 interviews with seven former IRA members that the District Court had deemed relevant. The 74 other interviews no longer subject to release

July 2013: PSNI detectives travel to US to obtain the Price interviews

September 2013: Appeals Court rejects US Government’s request for rehearing. Boston College transfers the 11 interview segments to Dept of Justice

May 2014: It emerges that the PSNI is now seeking all interviews, not just that relating to the McConville

Dec 2014: College, PSNI, Justice dept silent about how that bid is progressing