Adams tries to gag Independent

Adams tries to gag Independent
Fionnan Sheehan
Sunday Independent
Published 18 May 2014

THE characteristic of any cult is the unquestioning faith its members have in the leader. The cult leader will condition his followers with emotional manipulation to make them trust his dictates and believe his every utterance. There’s no room for any doubts to be explored and any challenge to the leader’s omnipotence is automatically dismissed.

The unstinting loyalty of Sinn Fein supporters to Gerry Adams and his versions of his own past shows again why the party is so often compared to a sect. Half the country believes Adams is lying when he says he had no role in the murder of Jean McConville.

Less than a quarter of people believe that he wasn’t involved.

But belief in Adams’ innocence is highest among followers of the Sinn Fein cult. Sinn Fein’s new generation of representatives and candidates, who either had no role in the IRA or weren’t even born at the time, have no compunction in stating their belief in Adams.

But murder, abduction, torture and orchestrating a terrorist campaign don’t seem to bother voters who want to express their anger about water charges, property tax and disillusionment with the political establishment.

Adams is so sensitive on the issue that he even sent a legal letter seeking to prevent the publication of the findings of the question in the Millward Brown opinion poll.

The attempt to put a gagging order on highlighting his links to the heinous case failed. He also issued a legal letter attempting to silence our reporting on another investigation relating to the prosecution of his brother, Liam Adams, who is a convicted child rapist.

The over-reaction is hardly surprising as the Sinn Fein president’s entire edifice is based on a barefaced lie: that he was never a member of the IRA.

Any sane individual knows Adams was a member of the IRA as head of a republican ‘movement’ through the Troubles.

But the Sinn Fein cult clamps down on any former members who leave and seek to shed light on the activities of the ‘movement’.

Witness the intimidation of the organisers of the Boston College project, which provided the most tangible evidence to date linking Adams to the McConville murder and resulted in his questioning.

One of the organisers, Dr Anthony McIntyre, a former Provisional IRA member himself, lives with his family in Co Louth.

Last week he met with Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin as he fears for his and others’ safety and told Mr Martin he had been visited by gardai who have confirmed a threat.

McIntyre told Martin that he believes the campaign is being orchestrated by the Sinn Fein leadership and believes the vilification is part of a wider strategy to shut down criticism of Adams from within the ‘movement’. The cult is seeking to silence dissent.

Sinn Fein hails whistle-blowers, just as long as they’re not blowing the whistle about Adams’ murky past.