IRA Interviewee: Boston College Has Not Lived Up to the Declarations it Made

Boston College has not lived up to the declarations it made
Tommy Gorman
The Irish News
May 16 2014

BELFAST – Some years ago, I was asked to take part in a project which, it was hoped, would help enhance understanding of the decades of political bloodletting that blighted our land and people.

I felt the plan to construct the archive by getting the thoughts and experiences of former combatants, and to examine the factors that led to people like us deciding to risk all in pursuance of our differing causes, would be valuable and instructive to future generations who may want to know what it was all about and hopefully help ensure it doesn’t happen again.

And with eyes wide open and no hesitation I offered to help in any way I could.

I did the interviews in which I tried to describe the feeling of the community and the mood within the republican movement when the conflict was at different stages as well the prison struggle.

I didn’t speak of any other volunteers just as I didn’t expect them to speak of me. They were, after all, personal reminiscences from a very bloody period in our history.

Unfortunately, those at Boston College have not lived up to declarations made at the onset of the project in regards to confidentiality and assurances that the archive would remain secure from any external snooping.

The resulting media frenzy has allowed Shinner spinners and semi-literate graffitists to go into overdrive in attacking those of us among the many interviewees who don’t agree that what is being peddled by Sinn Fein as ‘the great leap forward’ is anything of the sort.

In socio-economic, constitutional and inter-community development the opposite is true.

With the recent exposure of post-ceasefire gun running by those ‘fully committed to the peace process and support for the PSNI’ we all should be dubious as to any excuse offered as to why, in this period of peace, there is a need for guns that are untraceable with no history or connection to any person or group.

One thing is sure: there is no way they are to be turned on the old enemy.

In all of our actions we must always strive to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable by refusing to be silenced.