EMAIL: Embarrassed for Jack Dunn… Yet Again

Email sent by historian and journalist Chris Bray to Boston College administration and faculty

From: Chris Bray

Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2014 4:50 PM

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Cc: Ed Moloney ; Anthony McIntyre

Subject: fascinating


I’ve just had the extraordinary experience of listening to your interview on NPR’s “On the Media,” and I’m amazed again at your shamelessness.

You’ve discovered that Anthony McIntyre is “an individual from Northern Ireland with a long criminal record” and that “his work was very weak.”

Did you or any of your colleagues notice any of that during the period of years that Boston College contracted with him, paid him, and took his work into your archive?

Did you notice any of that during the years that you boasted about the project to faculty and staff in the BC Chronicle, and during the years when Thomas Hachey and Robert O’Neill wrote the introduction to Ed Moloney’s book and took a share of the royalties?

The project began in 2001; in 2014, a university suddenly discovers that, my goodness, one of the researchers we hired had a criminal record? Poor dear, did you clutch your pearls?

If NPR had interviewers who were sentient — I’m not holding my breath — the follow-up question would have been, “If all of that is true, why did you hire him and continue to work with him?” Lucky for you to have an exchange with a mediocre interviewer, the only kind who would ever believe anything you say.

I invite you, or anyone at BC, to answer this question: If you regard Anthony McIntyre as “an individual…with a long criminal record” whose work “was very weak,” why did Boston College hire him, pay him, and archive his work?

Do you not notice that if your claim is true, you’ve damned the organization and oversight of a project that your university sponsored? Why, gasp, this person is a convicted criminal who does shoddy work, says…the university that hired him.

Yet again, I’m embarrassed for you.

Chris Bray