PSNI confirms fresh move to obtain Boston College transcripts

PSNI confirms fresh move to obtain Boston College transcripts
Police confident interview notes can now be handed over to murder investigation
Dan Keenan
Irish Times
Thu, May 16, 2013

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has confirmed it is seeking details of the testimony given to an oral history project at Boston College by the late Dolours Price.

The republican, who died in January, was one of those who gave evidence to the project on condition it would not be released until after her death.

The PSNI had sought disclosure of the transcripts of her interview as part of its investigation into the disappearance and murder of Jane McConville, a mother of 10, in 1972.

The Belfast Project was designed to provide researchers and academics with insights into the Troubles.

The disclosure issue went as far as the US supreme court which decided last month not to hear an appeal against making the transcripts available to the PSNI, thus removing a significant legal impediment.

The PSNI told The Irish Times: “We are making plans to take possession of the material and proceed with our inquiries.”

It is understood that while the process will take some time, the PSNI is confident it will obtain the transcripts.