Irish Groups Vow to Continue Fight Over British Subpoenas of Boston College Archives

Irish Groups Vow to Continue Fight Over British Subpoenas of Boston College Archives
April 16th

NY, NY & Denver, CO On Monday the Certiorari appeal to review the Boston College subpoena case brought by Belfast Project founders Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre was denied.

This litigation has highlighted significant issues of constitutional importance related to the conduct of academic inquiry and journalistic freedom.

Important as these issues are there are underlying political issues raised by Britain’s misuse of the U. S.-U. K. Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT).

National President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) Brendan Moore stated:

“This is not the end of this matter. We have lodged appeals to Attorney General Holder, Secretary of State Kerry and with President Obama. We believe America is being used in this case and we are being asked to ignore our values of justice and democracy in doing so.”

The President of the Brehon Law Society, Sean Downes stated:

“This decision is a disappointment but not unexpected. We believe the action we are seeking is within the power of the Attorney General to grant. We ask once again for a full review of the reasons we cited he can use to deny these subpoenas. We urge also that he seek again the opinion of the new Secretary of State John Kerry as he is obligated to do under the MLAT.”

Denver attorney Thomas Burke, National President of the Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) observed:

“We have advocated that President Obama to delay any action on these subpoenas until the opposition of key Members of Congress including the Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations, Senator Robert Menendez can be addressed. We trust the voices of twenty one Members of Congress will be responded to and not be ignored.”