Temporary reprieve for tapes handover

Temporary reprieve for tapes handover

THE United States Supreme Court has issued a temporary order banning authorities from handing over the Boston College tapes to the PSNI.

The temporary reprieve in the long-running legal battle has been welcomed by journalist Ed Moloney and project researcher Anthony McIntyre.

Both men recorded a number of interviews with former republican and loyalist paramilitaries about the part they played in the Troubles on the condition that details of the tapes would only be made public after their deaths.

However, PSNI officers investigating the disappearance and death of west Belfast woman Jean McConville want access to interviews given by Dolours Price as well as a number of others.

In July this year a US court ordered that the interviews should be handed over to the PSNI.

This week’s court order, which runs until November 16, came after an earlier hearing issued a stay on the handover of the tapes to allow the Boston College researchers time to consider an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Earlier this month in Belfast Mr Mclntyre lost a High Court bid to prevent the PSNI taking possession of his interviews with Ms Price.

Despite the ruling, the PSNI will not yet automatically gain access to the tapes as lawyers are expected to lodge an appeal against the decision.

And any handover of the material has also been put on hold until the US Supreme Court makes its final decision.