FF backs call for Adams to ‘tell truth’ about past

FF backs call for Adams to ‘tell truth’ about past
Sunday Independent
October 14 2012

TD joins McConville family in IRA allegations

Fianna Fail has joined the family of Jean McConville in calling for the questioning of Gerry Adams and convicted IRA bomber, Dolours Price, over her television claim that she drove the widowed mother-of-ten to her murder on a Co Louth beach in December 1972.

Price, 61, told an interviewer from America’s CBS last month that Adams also gave her orders to take part in the IRA’s bombing of the Old Bailey in London in 1973 in which one man was killed and more than a hundred injured. Price, her sister Marian, along with two men including Gerry Kelly, now a senior Sinn Fein figure, were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Adams denies any involvement in the murder of Mrs McConville and also denies Price’s claim that he ordered her to bomb London. He also denies ever having been in the IRA.

In her interview with CBS television last month, Price was asked if she drove Mrs McConville to meet her death. She replied: “I drove the car, yeah.” She was then asked if she was aware of the likely consequences. She replied: “I was aware that that would be her end, yeah.”

Asked if this had bothered her, she answered: “No, no, not at all.”

Price, once married to actor Stephen Rea, now lives in Malahide, north Dublin. She has yet to be questioned by gardai about her claim to be directly involved in the murder of Mrs McConville, who was abducted in Belfast and driven to Templetown beach in Co Louth, where she was killed with a single shot to the back of the head and buried in a secret grave. Her body was discovered after part of it was exposed in 2003.

Yesterday, Mrs Helen McKendry, Jean McConville’s eldest daughter who, along with her husband, Seamus, started the campaign for the discovery of her mother’s remains, called for Price to be arrested and questioned about the murder.

“She’s shooting her mouth off talking about driving my mother to her murder. Of course she should be questioned,” says Helen McKendry.

“Her sister Marian is back in jail in the North [her parole was revoked for alleged involvement in dissident republican activity] and she should be back in jail now, too. I don’t know why she has not been arrested, and Gerry Adams.”

Fianna Fail’s justice spokesman Niall Collins TD launched an attack on Sinn Fein and its leader, saying: “Their refusal to tell the truth about Gerry Adams is a sinister and cynical betrayal of the support that the Irish people gave for the peace process in the first place.

“We know from the security reports of successive, cross-party Irish Ministers for Justice that Gerry Adams was not only a member of the PIRA, but a senior commander within the organisation. Now, we have the clear and unambiguous claim from a former close colleague and friend that he was personally involved in the abduction, torture, murder and disappearance of mother-of-10 Jean McConville.

“The response from Sinn Fein is to deny that he was ever a member, mutter about ‘media agendas’, and then talk in vague and meaningless terms about an ‘international conflict resolution process’. Gerry Adams doesn’t need an international panel of experts to shed light on what happened in the North. He just needs to start telling the truth.

“When asked about why he wouldn’t sue another individual who claims that she took orders from Adams personally for a bombing campaign in Britain, Gerry claims that he couldn’t afford to take a case.

“When reflecting on how disingenuous he is being with an answer like that, it’s worth remembering that before he moved to Dundalk, he received over €1m in expenses during his time as an absentee MP in West Belfast. This was on top of the ‘average industrial wage’ he received as an MLA in Stormont.”