Opposition to Attorney General Holder’s Subpoena of Boston College Irish Records Unites Irish Americans

Opposition to Attorney General Holder’s Subpoena of Boston College Irish Records Unites Irish Americans


August 2,2012

New York, NY, West Nyack, NY, & Denver, CO

The United Kingdom has undertaken an initiative pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with the U. S. which is contrary to the Treaty’s purpose, contrary to American public policy (1998 Belfast Agreement) and contrary to American sense of justice and the rule of law.

The request for Attorney General Holder to issue a sealed subpoena for records held in Boston College’s Irish archives is intended to intimidate academic and journalistic freedom of inquiry and to secure a British version of the conflict in Ireland.

Moreover, it is a politically inspired request without any prosecutorial viability; in itself a violation of the purpose of MLAT.

To fulfill this British request would be a travesty to American sense of justice as Britain still uses juryless courts, imprisons without benefit of law political dissidents like Gerry McGeough, Marian Price and Martin Corey.

Britain remains in violation of the justice provisions of the 1998 Belfast Agreement and its Weston Park amendments. For example, they refuse to hold the promised public inquiry into their murder of human and civil rights lawyer Patrick Finucane and they remain unresponsive to the Unanimous Resolution of Dail Erieann requesting information on the British Army role in the largest atrocity of the conflict, the 1974 no-warning bombing of Dublin Monaghan shopping centers which killed 33.

The evidence of Britain’s work to cover-up their dirty war has been documented before Congress (Committee on Security and Cooperation in Europe – Helsinki Commission) this March. The U.S. should be confronting the U. K. instead of ignoring these violations which only encourage dissidents. These British actions raise questions about their commitment to the Irish peace process.

We stand united in our demand that Attorney General Holder withdraw his subpoena or withhold any documents which may come into his possession as a result of litigation with Boston College or Belfast Project litigants.

We welcome the support of U.S. Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and 18 other Members of Congress who have joined in a bi-partisan effort to oppose these subpoenas.

We ask for the support of President Obama to stop them.

Thomas J. Burke Esq. Jr.
National President
Irish American Unity Conference
Robert Dunne Esq.
Brehon Law Society
Brendan Moore
National President
Ancient Order of Hibernians