Irish Radio Network USA St Patrick’s Day Special interview with Carrie Twomey

Irish Radio Network USA Saint Patrick’s Day Special Interview with Carrie Twomey
42nd Annual St Patrick’s Day show
Saturday 17 March 2012


Adrian Flannelly (AF) and John Dearie (JD) interview Carrie Twomey (CT)

John Dearie (JD): You know, Adrian, before we get into some good, traditional, end of our Saint Patrick’s celebration music, it’s my pleasure to introduce Carrie Twomey. And Carrie is, she’s an American citizen. She’s married to Anthony McIntyre. She is very much involved, and while we’re so short on time, but the concern is with regard to the issue of Boston College, the release of the information of the secrecy of the interviews at BC and of course and Carrie, your own concern…Why don’t you tell us about it but we’ll have to come back at another time to really get into it. What is your concern as it relates to the direction and the concern that we all have about the release of the BC tapes?

Carrie Twomey (CT): Well, my immediate concern is the safety of my family and the safety of the interviewees that participated in the project, both Republican and Loyalist. But I’m here this time around because of Saint Patrick’s Day (and) the focus on Irish issues. We have our appeal hearing coming up on April 4th and so now is the time for the pressure to be put on the politicians to step up. We need somebody of courage who has the power to step forward and do the right thing on this.

JD: Who is it that you think, at the end of the day, is the decision maker on this? Is it the Justice Department?

CT: The Justice Department, certainly, but we have been lobbying ….

Adrian Flannelly (AF): The Attorney General, who could, if the right pressure was there indeed, not that he has not been pressured, but the Attorney General of the United States could pull this, get rid of it, in a split second.

JD: What’s your sense as we stand here today? What is your sense as to how it is gonna to go?

CT: We have been lobbying Secretary of State Clinton extensively on this issue. And when you’re asking: “Who has the power?” I think that we need to go straight to President Obama who can go to the Attorney General, as you say. He’s the one that has to have the courage on this issue and should step up for Irish-America, for academic freedom, for the civil liberties that are at risk here and do the right thing on this issue.

JD: One of the concerns, I would say, is that you saw the love-fest here that took place between the Prime Minister and the President this week and that’s not easy to totally ignore, unfortunately, and it makes the challenge more difficult.

CT: Absolutely.

AF: And the timing is terrific too, Saint Patrick’s Week. But anyway…

CT: One of the issues that came out of the meetings between Obama and Cameron was the UK’s desire to roll back the Extradition Treaty. And that should concern Irish-America very much.

JD: Stay with it, Carrie. We look forward to having you back so we can explore this much, much further. I think it’s probably the dominant issue in the Irish-American community today. So let’s hear more about it. Stay in touch with us.

AF: And indeed, it was brought to our attention long before it became an international issue through our mutual friend, Mike Cummings, up in Albany.

JD: Very much so. Mike is phenomenal!

CT: Oh yes! The Irish-American Unity Conference has been great! Peter Kissel hosted me in DC when I was meeting members of Congress. I cannot thank the Irish-American community enough for their support on this issue.

JD: It’s an important issue. It has significant ramifications, beyond even, the BC issue, so we’ll be staying on it. Thanks and all best wishes to you. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

CT: Thank you very much for your time. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

JD: Thank you very much, Carrie.

AF: Thank you very much. Keep it up. It is coming to a head and it’s going to work out.

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