Irish America United: Statement of Coalition

Ancient Order of Hibernians • Brehon Law Society • Irish American Unity Conference

We are united in our belief that the Attorney General of the United States, by his issuance of subpoenas to Boston College, has misused and undermined the primary purpose of the US-UK Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, i. e., the prompt exchange of information in aid of criminal prosecution of international drug trafficking and related money laundering.

Moreover, the Attorney General failed to first determine if the requested data was part of a bona fide criminal prosecution.

It is not.

He failed to first determine if by granting this request the Irish peace process could be imperiled.

It will be.

He failed to first examine the concerns of U. S. Senators for the misuse of the US-UK Extradition Treaty.

Their concerns were justified.

We urge the Attorney General to refuse the request of the UK as an improper use of the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and to work with the Senate to prevent its further abuse, especially in the related areas of academic inquiry, personal privacy and protection of constitutional freedoms raised by the litigation.

Seamus Boyle
National President
Ancient Order of Hibernians

Robert Dunne
Brehon Law Society

Thomas J. Burke Jr.
National President
Irish American Unity Conference