Belfast Project Statement

“We are not prepared to discuss the cases of any individuals either to confirm or deny any press speculation. It would be a violation of the pledge of confidentiality that we gave; no matter what Boston College is doing or not doing in that regard we intend to firmly stand by that pledge. On the general issue of the future of the archive our own position is firm. Boston College had the opportunity to appeal this latest decision and it failed to so do, even though the judge suggested that it should. Implicit in the pledge of confidentiality was that it was non-negotiable. Boston College therefore had a duty to fight to preserve it to the utmost, in effect to challenge any adverse legal decisions all the way up the legal chain, as far as the supreme court if necessary. BC’s failure to do so meant we have had to step in to do its job and we have successfully stayed the process at least pro tem. Boston College’s failure to appeal in our mind robs the college of any moral right to hold on to the archive. At earlier stages in this process in the wake of the subpoena we made suggestions to Boston College on ways that would put the archive out of the reach of the PSNI or whoever is seeking this material but we were rebuffed. We are, all three of us, strongly of the view that the archive must now be closed down and the interviews either returned or shredded since Boston College is no longer a safe nor fit and proper place for them to be kept. We made a pledge to our interviewees to protect them to the utmost of our ability and we will stand by that pledge firmly and unalterably.”

Ed Moloney (former director Belfast Project)
Anthony McIntyre (republican researcher)
Wilson McArthur (loyalist researcher)